Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to Give your Bunny Names

Do you have your Bunny with a good name? Of course you want when you call his name then your rabbit come to you. Usually I hear complaints that the rabbit will not respond if we called her name. Maybe you the wrong way. According to the theories of Ivan Pavlov (classical conditioning), the stimulus responses, unconditional response will make the rabbit will understand what you want.

Here I will give "how to give your Bunny Names"
1. Consider the proper name for your rabbit. Think properly and with feeling.
2. After finding the right name to call your rabbit by the name of distant and the close, if close enough to caress the rabbit is still calling his name.
3. When feeding, for the first time let your bunny feeding schedule a little late (around 1 hour), after which rabbit approached you and call her name and gave little by little his favorite food and still call it's name
4. Perform step 3 by repeatedly until your rabbit give a fast response (turning or close to) when you call his name.
5. After going through step 3 and 4 are pretty tiring, your rabbit may have to respond to your call without being fed. If that happens, immediately bowed, carrying and gently stroked your rabbit.
6. If this is successful then congratulations you have found the right name for your rabbit.

Note: "Do it this way consistently and try to atmosphere when it is not noisy for more focus rabbit hear your voice.