Tuesday, January 18, 2011

how to clean the rabbit cage properly?

You do not want if your rabbit is sick because of dirty cage. Especially if your rabbit does not want to have children naturally cute rabbit is sick.
Here I will give you how to clean the rabbit cage properly.
1 Do not clean the cage when the rabbit was still inside the cage. Clean the cage when the rabbit is out of the cage.
2.Jika rabbit has come out clean Wipe dry dirt before drenched with water.
3. Clean dirt / rabbit manure and urine puddle-angle corner of the battery cage. do not let dirt accumulate in the stable, because the resulting disease. When in place cleaned thoroughly clean and flush with a detergent or vaccine
4.  Absorb dirt over 10 meters away from the cage and managed to be healthy to put up fertilizer.

Use an appropriate cleaning fluid for a rabbit cage. The liquid used to clean the rabbit cage should be accompanied antiseptika and desinfektansia. Antiseptika used to eliminate microorganisms that live near bodies of animals, while desinfektansia to prevent the growth of microbes which are mostly located in the stable, where to eat and minum.Antiseptika the cheap is to use soap, it can be used for washing equipment and drinking places to eat rabbit, while desinfektansia can use hot water mixed with detergent to clean the cage and cage floor welding.

That's how clean the rabbit cage is good. For making a rabbit cage, you should consider my post "5 You most Know to Make the Rabbit Cages."