Saturday, January 15, 2011

5 Most You know to Make Cages of Rabbit

In making Cages for rabbit, we should consider 5 things that mattered. Why is it important for the rabbit,because cage is where he spent a life. As owners we must pay attention to it.
1. The size of a bunny cage
To measure Cages for rabbit, adjust with the needs. For example we want to make a rabbit cage for hotot, the size, do not be too large because the rabbit is a rabbit who hotot mini, just 60 × 50x50cm only. Meanwhile, if the cage is used to type like a rabbit plams and New Zealand, the size of the cage should be larger. We use cage size 70 × 50x50.
2. Form
If we do not have the open space (in the room), the rabbit hutch should be designed in the form Box.if we have an open space / park elbow, We can combine a distinguished between a closed cage made of wood with an open cage made of wire which ram.

3. Sanitation
A good sanitation will help maintain the health of a rabbit who we have. Try Cage for rabbit has a good sanitation rabbit where dirt does not accumulate in one place so that a nest particular breed bacteria.

4. Circulation
Good air circulation which helps eliminate odors from the rabbit hutch. Also a good circulation also help the rabbits to remain active and healthy.

5. Interaction with the environment
In making the cage for the rabbit should be a lot of wear wire ram so it does not interfere with the rabbit associated with the outside world.